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Real Estate Investment Portfolio Services

We ensure that my clients are offered the best advice to assist the success of their business strategy, achieving the objectives it was set out to achieve, under given market conditions.

Essentially, our Real estate investment portfolio services cover three areas, and are summarized below:


  • Real-estate market assessment;

  • Determining best real estate investment for the client; and

  • Assessing optimum real estate investment portfolio.


1. Real estate market assessment

Typically, the market assessment is based on a survey of local agents, interviews with potential clients/investors and focus group outcomes. Deep knowledge of local real estate market intelligence is also vital in forming a view of the market demand for a particular product, be it office, residential, retail or industrial. Future demand is typically informed by employment projections in specific sectors or markets.


2. Determining ‘best’ investment for the client

Investment (or development) is normally analyzed in the context of the market it fits in, the economy of the locality it (would become) part of as well as the (land-use) planning context for the investment.

We help developers in key parts of the “development process”, which consists of:

  • market demand assessment;

  • financial evaluation (including analysis, risk, return and diversification);

  • preparation (including analysis of relevant land-use planning policies and submission of a planning permission);

  • implementation, or construction;

  • auditing (re-examining the viability of the project as all costs are known); and

  • disposal.


3. Assessing optimum real estate investment portfolio

We use a combination of tools of economic analysis and investment finance to provide a view on "optimum" mix of uses (office, retail, residential, etc.) that would enhance asset value to the client and strengthen their investment portfolio in the real estate market.

Presentation of data and key findings


Using the tools of real estate investment, financial analysis, our knowledge and practical experience of capital markets, we provide my clients professional advice that aims to:

  • boost project viability and profitability;

  • reduce financial risk; and

  • align the project in hand with the client's wider investment portfolio and corporate objectives.


Our approach and philosophy revolves around understanding:

  • the needs of the client by gathering enough information about their project (or deal) etc.;

  • whether the client has a real opportunity to enhance his assets;

  • whether I have the skill sets, expertise and experience to assist the client; and

  • whether the project at hand is a winnable situation for all, realizing the client's vision...

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