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Leasing & Management of your home


NO CHARGE to get started!

You pay when we bring you the signed lease.


Leasing Fee: The first full month's rent 

Monthly Management Fee: 10% of monthly rental rate.

Lease renewals: Half the month's rent.



This means I bring you a lease signed by a qualified tenant....and you do the rest!  

Tenant Procurement or "Leasing" Fee: The first month's rental payment.



  • Property will be advertised on FMLS, GAMLS, Zillow, Trulia & several personal social media databases!

  • Screen ALL applicants for credit, criminal background, eviction history, sex offender registry,                     prior employment, proof of income & personal references.

  • Negotiate all security deposits, rental rates & rental terms professionally on your behalf.

  • Collect the security deposit & perform the move-in inspection with new tenant.

  • Accept phone calls regarding the property 24/7 (maintenance problems, etc.)

  • Verify issues reported, schedule repairs, manage repair process & ensure issues are resolved within           a timely fashion.

  • Ensure rent is received on time to the landlord.

  • Inspect the exterior of the property monthly, to ensure condition is satisfactory.

  • Perform QUARTERLY interior inspections to confirm condition.



  • In the event of tenant default, and a dispossessory is required: A fee of $375 will be due in addition to the actual cost of filing in the County Magistrate Court.  This fee includes having "No Pay No Stay Evictions" handle the entire dispossessory. (filing, serving, court appearance, writ received).  Does not include the crew for actual property clean out. (see below).

  • In the event the tenant is still occupying the property as of the date that possession is granted back to the landlord and a physical eviction is required: An hourly rate of $200 will be required for a six-man crew removing the tenant's belongings. (3 hr. minimum). This fee includes the eviction company, No Pay No Stay Evictions, present to manage & oversee the entire process, as well as coordinate & pay the Sheriff for attendance at the property. (Required by state law).

  • Cost to re-key the property is $50/door lock in addition to the cost of the actual locks.

  • After a judgement has been secured and a garnishment or FIFA is filed, the fee is $150 in addition to the filing/courts costs.



  • There is an additional 10% fee for all repairs managed. (i.e. Toilet is stopped up and a plumber is required to repair the issue. The bill is $250.00, a $25 fee is added to the bill to cover managing the repair.

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Welcome to your New Journey!

My team and I will help you find the perfect home to lease. You can get started by completing your "Wish List"!!!   Finding your new home will actually be FUN, instead of being exhausting and never-ending!
















How Our Process Works

Once you have completed your "Wish List" we will begin searching for your perfect home! Every home that  meets your needs will be emailed to you and then we can schedule a time to view the houses you like the best! We are available 7 days a week for convenient showings.


After you have made a decision on a property, we will contact the owner/management company on your behalf to negotiate the terms of the deposit/lease and to assist you in completing the tenant applications. (Most application fees range from $25 - $50 per adult living in the home, which varies for each property). 


We will help you through the entire process of leasing your new home! This tenant placement service is FREE TO YOU, as we will be paid by the owner of your new home, once you have signed a lease and paid a full deposit & 1st month's rent.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions!


To get started simply complete the "Wish List" to the left! 


If you have an OPEN Bankruptcy or if you have a Bankruptcy which has been discharged LESS than 12 months ago, you are not qualified as of this time.


Please call me personally to inquire as to when you would be ready to apply!


Pay your Application Fee Below

Click here to pay $65 for a single individual

Click here to pay $100 for a married couple

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Visit Tenant Reputations below to complete your Background, Credit & Sex Offender Screening.

Fee is $28.50

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